Top Personal Injury Attorneys in Los Angeles

Top Personal Injury Attorneys in Los Angeles
Top Personal Injury Attorneys in Los Angeles

There are hundreds of personal injury attorneys and law firms in the greater Los Angeles. Choosing the top ones presents quite an interesting challenge.

So we decided to create a formula to rank them based on a few criteria. We will talk about the ranking factors below. And hopefully use them to help come up with some great lawyers for you.

  1. Customer reviews sites

Online reviews, while being a little skewered and susceptible to manipulation still come out as the starting point. So visit a few lawyer reviews site and ignore any sponsored reviews.

Because sponsored listings are basically positions that are created by the lawyers paying for them.  Use the highest reviews from customers with the highest number of honest and real feedback. Sites like Yelp and Avvo would be good starting points.

  1. Filters

Some of the sites have filters which could be used to rank our model. For example one site lets you rank lawyers based on them having no complaints. Which we thought would be a cool idea. The next site will let you rank the lawyers based on both client and peer reviews.

  1. Reputation and expertise

Reputation matters, so give some credence to lawyers ranked high by reputable sources. So if for example, Time magazine ranked a personal injury attorney in the top 10. Then you would give them a consideration as well. A firm that specializes  only on personal injury could be an option.

  1. Peers

The Top personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles are ranked by their peers in several publications. And this can be a good ranking factor to use to identify any lawyers who are above the rest. Based on what their colleagues in the area are saying. Publications like Martindale are a good place to start.

  1. Annual awards

Associations have annual awards every year to honor the best lawyers in Los Angeles every year.

These awards can be a good place to find top personal injury lawyers. Especially if the same lawyers receive an award each year.

They include:

  1. The California Lawyers association
  2. The Criminal Court Bar Association
  3. The Consumer attorneys association of Los Angeles.
  4. The National Lawyers Guild of Los Angeles
  5. The Los Angeles County Bar Association

Finding the Top personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles is not an easy task. However, using the above model it is possible to identify them.

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